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The Book

Jill’s Journey

A shocking cancer diagnosis in 2014 sent Jill on a journey that led her to many choices to healing. Jill relates her story, from the beginning of her cancer diagnosis, then through the search to find well-being.

In this inspirational and empowering book, Jill chronicles her story of the options and choices that she made for her treatments that led her back to vibrant health. She shares the decisions she made for treatments, including medical and holistic options, which ultimately could help others.

Jill’s Journey is not only a remarkable story; she shares definitions, references, and resources that have led her to wellness. Jill is passionate and on a mission to help you on your journey to wellness by sharing her own journey of healing, from a cancer diagnosis to the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

What People are Saying about “Jill’s Journey”

“This heartfelt journey radiates with positive energy and genuine emotion. It is a beautifully written book that will help so many people. We are all on a journey of our own. Th is book will inspire the possibility that there is always more than one approach to health, wellness and balance in your life.”

— Andrea Wilsdon

“As a broadcast journalist, I’ve interviewed many authors about their books. Jill’s Journey is different. It is uncommonly real, honest and emotionally expressive on a human level we can all relate to. While Jill shares her deepest fears, confusion and disappointments during an intense battle with cancer, she also celebrates her ultimate triumphs and faith in the power of positivity and the mind/body connection. Jill’s courage and determination to own her destiny and take full responsibility for her choices offers a roadmap to others embarking on the same path and sends a message of hope and inspiration to anyone experiencing challenging times. Jill’s Journey is a good news story!”

— Connie Smith,
Former News Anchor
Order of Ontario

“Jill has the ability to turn around any situation and make it positive, to see a solution to every problem. Jill’s strength is her desire to help others. She is a born communicator, the strongest, most determined lady I know. Having read ‘Jill’s Journey’, I am no longer afraid of Cancer. I take with me her teachings regarding Positive Th ought, the importance of looking after our bodies, emotionally and nutritionally. Her journey is a fascinating insight of pain and fear, laughter and tears, love and determination, and peaceful acceptance that everything happens for a reason.”

— Debbie Hutcheson

“Jill’s Journey will be helpful for anyone dealing with health issues – not only a cancer diagnosis. I especially like the suggestion regarding making twenty cards to describe goals or hopes for your life. It is a handbook of self-care, determination, and a lesson in loving oneself! Jill is a wonderful woman that I have been privileged to call my friend for over ten years! Her strength and support for others is her greatest asset. Jill’s Journey is an amazing, insightful look at her journey through a cancer diagnosis. She openly shares with the reader her fears, her emotions and her choices. Th rough all this, it is very obvious how strong and committed she is to healing herself. A great book!”

— Fran Hoppa,
Retired Pharmacist

“Thank you, Jill, for having the courage to share such a tumultuous, trying and expansive time in your life. Your story reminds me of the power of the human heart and mind, and how important it is to invest the time to take care of ourselves BEFORE we get sick, and how to change our relationship
with illness and how a new perspective can impact your road to recovery.”

— Jennifer Lyall,
Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Teacher


“Jill arrived in my life by ‘coincidence’ not long before her life path was to take an unexpected detour down a road less travelled. ‘Jill’s Journey’ is the true story of a tenacious, spirited woman’s journey from the diagnosis of a potentially life threatening and overwhelming disease to embracing her new life with the insights she gathers. Th is book is for those ready to consider options beyond the ‘conventional only’ approach in addressing a diagnosis of dis-ease. ‘Jill’s Journey’ is just that – an inspiring journey filled with the wisdom, resources, celebration of spirit and messages for life. Jill discovers there are choices available to her and all that is possible as she transitions during a two year period against all odds, despite the suggestion of a severely limited life expectancy. Spend a few hours with Jill as she discovers a whole new world of possibilities and shares the journey of ‘her truth’ with the world. We can’t help but have our curiosity sparked as we journey along side this beautiful soul and experience life shifts and transitions with her.”

— Simone Usselman-Tod,
Former Registered Medical Radiation Technologist;
Main care giver of late husband diagnosed with cancer;
Health and Wellness Practitioner